4 Button Keycard Repair


Card not Detected or buttons no longer working on your Renault Keycard?
Keycards are very expensive to purchase and the key is individually programmed to your car, so unfortunately you cannot just buy a secondhand one and expect it to work on your car. So it makes sense to get your key repaired.
We strip the key / fob replace all the switches, replace any faulty components and fit a new battery.
 We charge £25 for this repair including standard recorded delivery.



Usual fault with these Renault keycard is Card Not Detected  when inserting key. This is a very common problem is always the key that is at fault, card readers very rarely fail.

  • If only one of the buttons fails to work, the card can be repaired.
  • If both buttons fail to work but keycard still starts the car, the key can be repaired.
  • No fix no charge, we will refund your money less our postage costs but our success rate is 99%.
  • We guarantee all our work for a period of 6 months
  • Water damaged cards can usually be repaired.
  • Keys that have been opened can take some time to repair as damage is usually done to the circuit board / components and extra time is needed to replace these components.
  • If your Renault keycard will not start the car and you are certain it is a key for your car we can repair it.

We turn around the repair as quickly as possible and will send back to you Royal Mail signed for or with a special delivery option.
If you send your key for repair please pack safely in a padded envelope including your name and address with a short summary of the fault with the key i.e. Card not detected, lock button not working, battery low. If you then send it to us either Royal Mail signed for or special delivery for the safest option of postage. The payment for the repair can either be sent with the key by cheque or postal order or pay through our web page www.keyrepair.co.uk using paypal or debit/credit cards.

We are key specialists that can help you get back on the road again.
Keyrepair.co.uk is an online shop which has been running for 10 years. We are specialists in our field. We have specialist test facilities and equipment that will check the operation of the key for starting & locking/unlocking .
When your key arrives at our work shop, we test the key to confirm the fault. The key will then be repaired. Once the repair is complete all key operation will be thoroughly tested with our sophisticated test equipment. We will then return the key to you as quickly as possible.

We repair all makes of electronic keys and fobs as well as Renault keycrads.
Your key will be safe with us!
We fix Jaguar keys, BMW, Mini, Landrover, Vauxhall, Citroen, Hyundai, Toyota, Porsche, Volvo, Ford, Renault Megane, Laguna, Scenic, Espace, L… , Peugeot, and many more – if you have a different make please email us and we can inform you whether we can repair.

The saving that you will make by having your key repaired as new keys are in excess of £150.


Send your Renault keycard for repair.
Use a padded envelope with details to return key
Include a description of the fault i.e. Card not detected, lock button not working, battery low
Send either Signed for or Special delivery
Pay for work either cheque/postal order/paypal/debit card



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