If the Lock button fails to lock your car use the center console switch to lock the car and leave through a back door. The car will then stay locked. On some models if you press the center console lock down for 5 seconds with drivers door open, door will stay locked when shut.
Manual Key
On your keycard there is a section that pulls out to reveal the emergency key.
The emergency lock is on the front passenger door (Renault’s home market is left-hand-drive so this would be the drivers door). On the rear edge of the door handle there is a cover (has Key Symbol on it)  remove this by putting the tip of the emergency key into the slot on the underside, then sliding the cover towards the rear of the car. Don’t lose the cover.Then put the emergency key into the keyhole and turn. This will unlock the door. The Alarm will go off if fitted insert keycard into slot and it will stop.

Car Auto Lock
This locks the door once you reach 6mph.
Hold down central locking button on the centre console for 10 seconds.
You will hear a confirmation beep. Repeat to cancel it.

How to replace the battery with holder

Second Hand Cards


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You will NOT be able to buy a new keycard from Renault without supplying the VIN number and proof of ownership of the vehicle.
The reason behind this is due to a major security issue that has been discovered outside the UK. The scenario is this. You take your vehicle for some work to be carried out. The dodgy technician has a blank keycard. He programs that keycard to your vehicle. Then they either come to your home address and steal the vehicle or sell the key and the address to a friend who then steals it. So the procedure is that you or us a dealer has to provide customer specific details to Renault France who will authorise the card to be ordered. The card then arrives at the dealership with your VIN number already coded to it. We then apply to Renault for the programming code and have 1 hour to program the key before the code expires.
So if anyone is considering buying a New key from Ebay for example. You will NOT be able to get it programmed fullstop as the Clip will not allow a non Vin encoded key to be programmed as explained above. Note also that a new Vin encoded key Cannot be programmed to any other vehicle even if it  has not been programmed to the original one.